Workshop to educate with love !!!

11 Aug Workshop to educate with love !!!

One day while working on the project, a boy came crying, said his shoulder hurt a lot. We took him to see the doctor, asking for the mother’s permission. We were there for almost 3 hours, he went through the consultation and they did an exam to see the shoulder bone (Clavicle) at the end of the night they gave us the results. Breaking a shoulder bone, incredible we did not know what had happened, we took it home and when we arrived we talked to the mother.

When we told her the diagnosis, the mother began to cry. She told us that more than 4 months ago the husband had abandoned them, since then it is only she who struggles to get her two children forward. He has to work, take care of the children and pay the house expenses, unfortunately he does not have a work contract and that is very unstable for the family. Not having a horizon to support you and only with your only dream of waiting “that your children have the opportunity to get ahead”, with only 36 years to think that life is over you is really difficult (While we have more opportunity let’s not take advantage of them and we are never happy).

One day the children made a prank and broke a product that she had to sell. Despair and frustration was stronger than love and ended up hitting children. Causing injury to the child in the shoulder. That is why it is important to give them the tools and show them that there is a different way of educating with LOVE, patience and respect, she after the workshop understood the message. Be promised herself to take care of her children and move them forward.


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