From the communication faculty of the San Antonio Abad University of Cusco in 2010, CooperarPerú was born with the aim of creating educational spaces for the children of the communities, giving them the opportunity to learn in a different environment, installing as the main learning tool the MONTESORI education system, a system adapted to the community and its reality. THANKS TO EDUARDO HUAYNAMARCA who promised to carry out this beautiful project by creating a different world that he wants to share with you today.


At the end of the year, the project became a  non-profit civil association, known as « CooperarPerú »  (registration certificate number : 11116229). The objective of this association is to help improving the development of the rural community of Tankarpata and its children.

Today, CooperarPeru  works in the area of education, health and community development, with more than 50 children, between 3 and 14 years old.


This community is located at distance of 20 minutes from the historical center of Cusco. In spite of its proximity to the city of Cusco, the community does not have access to drinking water and does not have any sewers. It directly affects the health of the families and their children. Besides, it can be seen in the scholar development of the children. Alcoholism is also present in some families, which often generates abuses and violent behaviors.

One example which demonstrates the success of our social collaboration – another departure point for our organization – is the support that we brought in January 2010 when heavy rain left many children and their family with nothing. As founders of  CooperarPéru, we got together to support the community of Tankarpata.


“Create and empower opportunities for community development”

We work to reinforce the capacities of the people of Tankarpata,

in a cooperative and voluntary manner.



This project does not have as a unique objective to teach children how to count and read correctly; but how to become better individuals on personal and human level, and be agents of positive change, responsible for development of  their community. We want to create and reinforce the bonds uniting the volunteers with our children. This is not a school but a project of support which combines education and social aspects. The objective is to prevent from academic failure by facilitating the opportunities of learning and supporting children who are socially excluded and disposed to give up their studies. It is first of all a preventing project. Being aware of it, it is only together that we can find solving and change the future of these children.


  • There are no specific requirements to volunteer with us. Everyone can help!
  • There are no minimum or maximum time commitments; any help is appreciated.
  • We just ask that volunteers respect the established rules in place for working with the children (once you’ve contacted us to volunteer we will send the rules).
  • There is no charge for individuals to volunteer at CooperarPeru.Volunteers must provide for themselves during their time with the organization but are welcome to stay at our hostal, Caja Magica, for $7 a day (this money goes right back to the organization) or find lodging elsewhere in Cusco.


People who make it possible together with hundreds of international volunteers!

Since i can remember, I have always been looking for a more fair world. I could never imagined, that working with kids could help me to understand my reason to exist.

Wilver Eduardo Huaynamarca


Sole Muñoz Marie

Volunteer Coordinator

Lucy Valencia Auca

Accounting Advisor

Dr. Rubén Salas

Legal Consultant


We are able to support our project through revenue obtained by travelers and volunteers lodging at our hostal, Caja Majica (Majic Box). Simply by staying with us you are already helping our organizations. We make our best for you to enjoy your stay in Cusco.


Volunteer house

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