Coronavirus: our precautions

12 Mar Coronavirus: our precautions

CooperarPerú Team wants to inform our beneficiaries, children, families and communities in which our project is present, as well as our collaborators, universities, organizations, volunteers and trainees about  safety measures we have taken in order to face the COVID-19 virus. Following the proliferation of the virus around the world, our association has taken its precautions to ensure the health of our beneficiary children and families.


  1. Ask all of our volunteers and interns arriving from infected areas during the months of March, April and May to test for COVID-19 once they arrive in Peru. The Peruvian government does it for free within health establishment. You only have to call the 113 from Peruvian territory. We can obviously advise you and support you in this process.
  2. Implement more prevention actions within our school.
  3. Spread the correct information for good prevention among families and children, so as to avoid falling into panic.



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