7 years full of emotions and smiles! Happy birthday, CooperarPerú.

14 Jun 7 years full of emotions and smiles! Happy birthday, CooperarPerú.

Waw … How time goes by! And how life teaches us to grow with it. Here the video of the project subtitled to English thanks to pol perez for giving us this video. This month is an important month since Cooperarperu Volunteer Ong Cooperarperu and hostel magic box fulfill one more year with this work. They are my best allies to continue here fighting for a different future. These 7 years of work we had many difficult moments, falls, smiles, frustration, admiration, beautiful surprises, hugs, sadness. But really worth it. I have learned many things thanks to this experience and known incredible people (Volunteers) and children. I am convinced that this is not yet over the next year CooperarPerú will take the next step and become something bigger thanks to its allies companies and NGOs. It will enhance your ability to help and continue to inspire you to create more opportunities not just in Tankarpata. At the time we can publish this great news. Today is the party here, and we invite you to live with us this celebration. Spreading this video on your facebook, sharing it with your friends as you are the voices of this organization and its children.
Thanks for joining us all this time.

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