About This Project

Within our program of Community Development we have different cases which we are working on and keep following.


Edwar is an 8-year-old boy with various problems such as chronic malnutrition, partial paralysis, microcephaly, partial blindness. When we met him, we knew that his case would be challenging and urgent in our community. Edwar has 7 brothers and unfortunately, his parents are alcoholic. On September 4, 2014, he was hospitalized and today he has a good medical treatment. Three months after his treatment, he reacted very well and his recovery has amazed medical specialists. Each month, our project gives him nutrition implements, medications that he needs. We also collaborate with the clinic San Juan de Dios, collecting funds or donating useful materials. Besides, every 3 months Edwar does routine checkups for his health, such as electroencephalogram, checking his weight and height and general medical review. Today, he can sit down, he is less spastic, and he has gained weight thanks to vitamin supplements and care they have at the clinic. We know Edwar since 2011 and we are very glad to know that he is recovering.


Fabiola is a 6-year-old girl. She has partial body paralysis as a result of a disease she had when she was born. Her parents are from a remote community of Cuzco. We are working to help her being brought in a medical center because she needs special care and rehabilitation. Her mother, Olga, takes care of her, she requires medical examinations that exceed their financial possibilities, but as CooperarPerú, we are supporting Fabiola and her family.


Elena is a 41-year-old woman, she has 8 children and she receives very little help from her family because her problem is very difficult to face. She suffers from schizophrenia and needs to take pills on a daily basis. Once a month, she gets a vaccine, which costs a lot to her family. When they cannot afford it, she may often get sick and they have to transfer her to a psychiatric facility in order to be stabilized. Her family needs great attention.


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    Con fe y esperanza seguimos trabajando, mejorando día a día la calidad de vida de nuestros niños. Pero todo esto no podría ser posible  sin nuestros voluntarios GRACIAS DE CORAZÓN, gracias por todo voluntarios y ex  voluntarios. Nuestra campaña duro una semana Pstada: Diego Monzo y......