Our organization on the way to improve our quality of help for our beneficiaries and give opportunities for development in the professional field to international students open this opportunity for those interested in developing their practices in different areas in the city of Cusco-Peru.

Important note: We do not have enough resources to cover our practitioners’ expenses so little there is an entry fee or registration for the internship, but each intern covers their own expenses for food, lodging and transportation

Education Project:



Education (Teachers)


Health Project and Community Development Project:



social work

social educator

Administrative area:

Advertising and Social Marketing

International Business

International cooperation


Hotel Administration

All the internships have by regulations of the universities hours to cover during the week and the schedules by day, likewise, we will give the facilities to carry out the paperwork and documentation in order to guarantee the university practices.

Once you have applied for our internships we will send you an information sheet with all the details for your internships in our organization, we have the accreditation for the professional development of our interns. Likewise, the certification at the end of the practices. As an organization we will offer our practitioners personalized advice on cultural issues, the accommodation in the hostel or apartment with which we already have references, advice on tourism issues, information workshops and introduction to pre-professional practices, in addition to 10% of discounts on all the services that our allied companies carry out:

Spanish school 10% discount

Hostel magic box or apartments for our practitioners 10% discount

Tourism company otherworldtravelperu 10% discount

Develop professionally with us and help us build more opportunities for our 6 communities.

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