International internship program in Cusco-Perú

All internships are certified


In the way of improving the quality of help for our beneficiaries and giving international students opportunities to develop in the professional field. CooperarPerú opens the international internship program in different professional areas in the city of Cusco-Peru. Doing an internship is very different from volunteering.

All internships are supervised by Peruvian professionals in the field of action.

The objective of this program is to give interns the opportunity to learn and teach their knowledge in the field of action. Our team will organize activities to train them in the different areas in which they have to carry out their practices, either in the CooperarPerú organization or in the organizations with which we work.

It is important to mention that for us there is a lot of difference between a volunteer and an intern.


The differences Volunteering Internship
Type of job Help on general project issues, depending on your desire and initiative Specific work, use their knowledge and skills to contribute their ideas to the project and develop them.
Working time 3 to 4 hours per day 6 hours per day
Tracing By the general coordinator By the coordinator specialized in the professional area
Degree of commitment Important essential
Evaluation Through the general certificate Through the specific certificate and evaluation of the university.
Percentage and pace of work 50% practical and 50% theoretical 80% practical and 20% theoretical
Maximum number of participants per project 10 simultaneous volunteers 2 simultaneous practitioners
For us there is a lot of difference between the two

Since 2010 we have worked hard to build educational spaces and develop projects for communities, in this program you can learn about the reality of a people and get involved in the daily life of our beneficiaries.

Participate in our international internship program (In the city of Cusco-Peru)

We have different projects where you can participate, We are a local organization that builds educational spaces since 2010 and we develop different projects in different communities.

Our project takes place in the city of Cusco, 1 hour by flight from Lima or 23 hours by bus, Cusco is the capital of the Inkas Empire, a civilization that left much legacy and history throughout Latin America. Tourism is one of the most important sources of income for this city since around this region different impressive places such as Machupicchu, the colorful mountains, beautiful lagoons and even glaciers have been discovered. On your weekends you can discover this beautiful city and its incredible landscapes, we will help you discover it since we have a tourist information office in the hostel.

Extra activities during the week such as:

  1. Spanish Classes: A model Spanish class is held on Mondays for those who want to learn this thanks to a Spanish school that collaborates with us.
  2. Salsa classes: Once a week, salsa classes are held for our volunteers and practitioners for two hours on Tuesdays.
  3. Meeting of volunteers and interns: On Wednesday, communication with all staff is important.
  4. Cultural dinner: This is where we cook and try different international dishes made by the same volunteers or interns we perform on Thursday nights.
  5. Exploration outside the city: On weekends (Saturday and Sunday) those who want to explore the beautiful landscapes that exist, will have the possibility to enroll in the different short group trips that take place.

Choose your internship and build your professional and human experience that will mark your life.

Internships in Education


Health Internships: 


Internship in social work and psychology:


Internship in Administrative Area:

All internships have different regulations for each university, different hours of practice during the week, for that reason, we will give the facilities and adapt to the requirement of the university to carry out the procedures and documentation in order to guarantee university practices.

Application process:

  1. send your C.V. To the email with a letter of motivation requesting more information.
  2. You will receive all the information of our pre professional practices in an interview via Skype or WhatsApp.
  3. If the interview is positive and you qualify for our internships, they will send you a form that you will have to fill out and exchange documents from the organization and your university to make the practices legal. (Then you can receive advice on accommodation issues, Spanish classes if you need it and tourism topics as you will have free days to enjoy your stay in Cusco)

We have the accreditation for the professional development of our practitioners. Also, the certification at the end of the internship. As an organization we will provide our practitioners with personalized advice and follow-up on issues of cultural clashes, introductory workshops to pre-professional practices, help in accommodation in the hostel or apartment with which we already have references. Advice on tourism issues, plus 10% discounts on all the services that our allied companies offer:

Spanish school 10% discount.
Magic box hostel or apartments for our practitioners 10% discount.
Otherworldtravelperu tourism company 10% discount.

These are our partners that make it possible for the organization to continue developing different projects in the communities.

Professionally develop with us and help us build more opportunities for those who have less.