Make your internship with us or participate in our volunteer program (In the city of Cusco-Peru)

Participate in our volunteer program (In the city of Cusco-Peru)

We have different projects where you can participate. We are a local organization that builds educational spaces since 2010 and we develop different projects in different communities.

Our project is developed in the city of Cusco, 1 hour by flight from Lima or 23 hours by bus, Cusco is the capital of the Inkas Empire, a civilization that left a lot of legacy and history throughout Latin America. Tourism is one of the most important sources of income for this city since around this region different impressive places have been discovered and one of them is Machupicchu, the colorful mountains, beautiful lagoons and even glaciers. On your weekends you can discover this beautiful city and its incredible landscapes. On your weekends you can discover this beautiful city and its incredible landscapes, we will help you discover it since we have a tourist information office in the hostel.

Participate in the different projects

Montessori CooperarPerú School: Volunteer at our CooperarPerú school and help us continue to build opportunities for them. Education is the basis of the development of a society, unfortunately our educational system is very old and lacks values, so our organization developed a system very similar to that of Montesori where they can develop their qualities with values. Our school works with more than 50 children. From Monday to Friday from 3pm to 7 at night, developing activities of school reinforcement, art, fun games, theater, crafts, expression circles, snack. Every day is a different day with interactive activities we have different educational environments such as: computer room, library, playroom, an art and theater room, a kitchen, a hand and teeth washing sink, first aid space. It is important to understand that our children not only come to learn to add or read, but to build values ​​in them and to be good people. The children of the communities have different education problems, such as learning problems, lack of attention, little motivation for the study, which in addition to the fact that the majority of parents have not finished school and cannot help them with homework and thus Many parents themselves believe that the more schoolwork the child has, the more he will learn and that is not true. Since the child stops being a child and has no time to socialize and have fun, that is another way to learn.


  • Minimum time: one week
  • Spanish Proficiency: Basic
  • Patience to develop activities with children and desire to share your knowledge.
  • Suitable for everyone who likes to work with children. Especially students or professionals in education.


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Community construction and development project (Ecological)

Community construction and development project (Ecological)
Infrastructure improvement of communities and school needs. Here we develop different types of construction, painting, roof repair, botanical garden construction, with the aim of improving the quality of life of our beneficiaries. We have built a purified water system for a whole community with a budget of 7,000 dollars, we have built ecological kitchens, we have improved the kitchen infrastructure of the government school and we are currently building a botanical garden to help conserve the medicinal plants, spaces for smaller animals, also carrying the technical agriculture.

Help in the construction and improvement of our Green House. It is located in the community of Huaypo 1 hour from the center of the city of Cusco and on the edge of a lagoon, surrounded by 4 communities that speak Quechua.

It is here where we have Our Green House, with a botanical garden for the conservation of medicinal plants, an aquaponics system where they coexist in symbiosis between fish and strawberries. We also have a space for the rearing of smaller animals such as guinea pigs, as well as a space for experiences where we teach farmers to build solar cookers, natural heaters through the greenhouse effect, solar thermal baths, biodigesters that is the transformation of waste from The animals in gas.

The most important thing about this project is that we are committed to conservation and ecology. We think that we have to give the necessary tools to the communities so that they can develop and through this project we are achieving it.

Daily task: Construction and improvement of the infrastructure of this green house, where we have different ecological conservation spaces and different farming techniques. Likewise, spaces for the rearing of smaller animals. Teaching communities that it is possible to live in harmony with nature and take advantage of renewable energy since we also carry out workshops for the construction of solar cookers, ecological solar thermal baths, biodigester to use the natural gas of the animals we raise.


  • Everyone who likes construction and wants to share their time and energy with our communities.
  • Minimum time: 2 weeks.
  • We work in the areas of the communities where the project intervenes. Working hours: Monday through Friday from 8 am to 1:30 pm.
  • Spanish proficiency: basic

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Family follow-up project:

In this project we develop emotional follow-up of children, trying to help them psychologically about their problems since the life they have is not easy, because many of them come from unstructured families with psycho-psychological, physical violence, often moral and material abandonment, also problems of parental alcoholism. Therefore, carrying out intervention at home, family monitoring, workshops with children on issues related to emotions as well as activities with parents on issues we encountered during our work. We believe that it is important to prioritize emotions as the best way to break violence, teaching them to express their feelings through games. Therefore, we make home visits every week and promote help for our families who have health problems, violence problems or that put the children’s future at risk, making them have the necessary tools to get ahead.

Likewise, monthly activities are prepared with parents in person and group. Thus, they can be given the necessary tools to help their children and educate them with values. In these activities we also develop women’s empowerment and emotional support for them.


  • Students or professionals in the area of psychology, social work, social educator.
  • Minimum time: 3 weeks
  • We work from Monday to Friday from 3pm to 7pm community intervention area of Tankarpata and CooperarPerú school.
  • Spanish level: intermediate

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Volunteering in hospital and community health work: Health in Peru is one of the biggest problems that exist, since it is basic for a people. The most important right for a man but unfortunately they are only for those who have money, we once heard people say that only people who can pay can get sick here. There are many things that are improving and we hope that the health that is very important, can also have people in poverty and extreme poverty. There are communities on the outskirts of the city of Cusco where there is no medical staff and people have to walk many hours to attend to it, so our work is mainly in the communities on the outskirts of Cusco in urban-marginal areas. The volunteer work takes place from Monday to Friday from 8 in the morning until 1pm in a medical post located on the outskirts of the city of Cusco. Every day you will rotate through different specialties such as medical consultation, laboratory, obstetrics, nursing, nutrition, dentistry as well as participating in different vaccination campaigns or others that were developed in the community. ALL ACTIVITY IS SUPERVISED BY PERUVIAN DOCTORS.


  • Have related health studies as medical students or professionals in different health areas.
  • initiative to discover and learn activities in community health issues.
  • Minimum time 4 weeks.
  • Spanish level: Intermediate.

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Internship in Hospital: This internship is carried out in a hospital that is located in the center of the city, taking care of different specialties of human medicine, the activities begin at 8 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon. This hospital serves more or less 300 people per day in more than 20 specialties. It is a public hospital very crowded by low-income people as there is good quality of doctors and prices are more accessible.

Work: Depending on your specialty in medicine or your studies you can help in different medical spaces such as physiotherapy and rehabilitation, general medicine, pediatrics, psychology, traumatology, ophthalmology, nutrition, nursing and others. You will also have the opportunity to rotate in different consultation spaces or be in a single point of attention.

Every activity in medicine will be supervised by a doctor according to the specialty you choose. It will also be certified.

An experience like this will help you understand how developing countries work in the health sector by sharing experiences with other medical students and Peruvian professionals.


  • Health professionals or medical students
  • Minimum time 4 weeks
  • Basic or intermediate Spanish (Possibility of studying Spanish)
  • You want to learn and share your knowledge with others.

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Project Caring for street animals:

We have a shelter for abandoned animals, where we heal their wounds, vaccinate them, take them out for a walk, bathe them, feed them and help them find an adoptive family. It is very important to mention that in Peru there are no laws for the protection of animals and the government ignores the abuse and abandonment of these street animals. Since they would have to be under our protection, but many abandon it. We have 120 animals among dogs, cats, birds and horses. They were rescued from the street, giving them a new opportunity to believe in the human being. To take care of it with a lot of love and patience, the activities are from Monday to Friday from 8 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon, each volunteer will have the protection and safety implements for the volunteer work and will always receive the accompaniment of a veterinary professional for the Animal care Vaccination and deworming campaigns are also developed where you can participate.

Each animal rescued from the street, when it enters the project is examined and vaccinated for the protection of the same animal and the others already living in the shelter.


  • Suitable for everything that animals like, if there are veterinary students or others related to animal care much better.
  • Minimum time 3 weeks.
  • Spanish level: basic
  • Have a lot of patience and love to take care of them.


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Soon we will continue to help and develop more projects !!!

Extra activities ideas to do during the week:

  1. Spanish Classes: On Mondays there is a model Spanish class of one and a half hours for those who want to learn this thanks to a Spanish school that collaborates with us.
  2. Salsa classes: Once a week, salsa classes are hold for our volunteers and practitioners for two hours on Tuesdays at night
  3. Meeting of volunteers and interns: On Wednesday we love to meet all our collegues to discuss about relevant topics. Communication with the staff is an important key for us.
  4. Cultural dinner: This is when we cook and try different international dishes made by the same volunteers or interns. We perform it on Thursday nights. Get ready!
  5. Get away from the city: On weekends (Saturday and Sunday) those who want to explore the beautiful landscapes that sourronds Cusco will have the chance to join different short group trips.