Volunteer program abroad! Peru

01 Jan Volunteer program abroad! Peru


A hug costs nothing! But a smile can change many lives … We are CooperarPerú and work building educational spaces for children in the communities in the Cusco region. Do you want to volunteer with children? Or do you want to do your internship! You can enroll in our CooperarPerú school. We work from Monday to Friday from 2; 30 until 7 at night doing different educational activities. During the morning we meet and plan our activities. On weekends you have places where you can go to visit since in Cusco there are many things to do.

CooperarPerú School, we have an educational system similar to Montessori where we work to enhance the qualities of our children, through games, based on nature. In our project children not only learn to read and write but to be better people with values.


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Testimony of an international volunteer.


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