Education internship

   Education is the basis of a society


                 “You have to be the change you want to see in the world”




Montessori CooperarPerú School: Be an intern in our CooperarPerú school and help us to continue building opportunities for them. Education is the basis of the development of a society, unfortunately our educational system is very old and lacks values, so our organization developed a system very similar to that of Montessori where they can develop their qualities with values. Our school works with more than 50 children. From Monday to Friday from 3pm to 7 at night, developing activities of school reinforcement, art, fun games, theater, crafts, expression circles, snack. Every day is a different day with interactive activities we have different educational environments such as:

computer room, library, playroom, an art and theater room, a kitchen, a sink for hand and teeth washing, first aid space. It is important to understand that children not only come to learn to add or read, but to build values ​​in them and be good people. The children of the communities have different education problems, such as learning problems, lack of attention, little motivation for the study, which in addition to the fact that the majority of parents have not finished school and cannot help them with homework and thus Many parents themselves believe that the more schoolwork the child has, the more he will learn and that is not true. Since the child stops being a child and has no time to socialize and have fun, that is another way to learn.

The job:

  1. You as an intern will work with the supervision of the teacher on duty.
  2. You will work with children of different ages there are three groups called cuys, medium ones called elves and the biggest ones called dinosaurs. Approximate ages from 3 years to 6 years, 7 to 10 years and from 11 to 14 years.
  3. You will develop educational strategies to evaluate and identify children with special problems.
  4. You will monitor children who have learning difficulties.
  5. Every day we work on different educational topics, we have a learning system called moments. Where each moment is different and must be respected. Moments to learn, play, brush your teeth, to listen, to say what you think …
  6. You will design work ideas with the teacher based on the themes of the week and month.
  7. You will supervise the educational progress of the children and record everything you find in a personalized educational logbook of each child.
  8. Once a month you will plan with the teacher and the psychologist activities for parents with specific topics concerning the educational progress of children.
  9. At the end of your internship you will deliver an educational report of your work to the project manager.

Requirements for interns:

  • Studies related to education such as: Pedagogy Education (Teachers), plastic arts, physical education, English teachers, psychology, psychomotor skills, psychopedagogy.
  • Basic / intermediate Spanish level (They can take a Spanish course during the internship)
  • Minimum time: One month, maximum 6 months.
  • For more information contact here: internships@cooperarperu.com

All internships have different regulations for each university, different hours of practice during the week, for that reason, we will give the facilities and adapt to the requirement of the university to carry out the procedures and documentation in order to guarantee university practices.

Accommodation cost: Student house !!


Our student house is located in the city center, with hot shower, study and desk spaces, wifi, a printer, cleaning. Room for two students with private bathroom and breakfast included (Accommodations will be assigned in rooms for girls or boys only)

  • 11 dollars per night per student in double room.
  • $ 15 per night in a personal room.
  • 3 dollars lunch
  • 3 dollars dinner

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