This space serves to clarify all your doubts about volunteering.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a message!

Do I have to pay a fee to volunteer?

To volunteer in our project, there is no fee. Each volunteer, however, is responsible for their own expenses (transfers, meals and accommodation).


The greatest contribution to our project is “La Caja Magica”, our hostel which is located near Plaza de Armas. Be volunteers or travelers, you are always welcomed in our hostel. The price is fair and you will always feel like being at home.

What is the minimum time to be a volunteer within CooperarPeru?

There is no minimum or maximum amount of time. Everyone can help according to their availability. Of course, we do favour a long term experience.

How I can become a volunteer?

You can send your personal data to the following email address:  cooperarperu@gmail.com, in our first response we will let you know what else is necessary and which are the next steps.

Which vaccines should i make?

If you want to go to jungles or Amazonia, we recommend to make vaccination agains yellow fever. Otherwise, you don’t need any vaccination to stay in Cusco.

Can i do some touristic activities, while i'm volunteering?

Of course you have time to rest and make any touristic activities or go out at night. Usually, you are free on the weekends, so you can enjoy traveling.

Which kind of visa do i need?

If you are coming for a few time (less then 3 months), then the most easy and fast way is to make touristic visa. If you are planning to stay as a volunteer for more then 3 months, then we have to organize visado de cooperante.

Is it important to have travel insurance?

Yes, we recommend you to have insurance, in case you get a fever or food poisoning.

What can i bring as a donation for the project?

You can bring whatever you have for the project of education. For example, educational games, books for our library, painting materials and others. If you are coming for the health project, you can bring sope or hand cream, vitamins, pills and medicine for the kids, mostly to treat cold and fevers, or general stomach problems. Also, you can bring thermometer and stethoscope to donate directly to the medical post of Mancco Capac.


In general, any great ideas are helpful!

What you can recommend me to visit as a tourist?

In general, we recommend to keep your touristic activities for the last days in Cusco, so we can coordinate the project better. This refers to the trip outside of Cusco, for example, Arequipa, Puno, Lima, Trujillo, Bolivia.

Is it necessary to reserve any of the touristic activities?

Of course we can advise you on different touristic activities. If you need to organize any of the trips or make a reservation, we can get in touch with the touristic agencies. Here you can find different agencies with direct prices.