Health Internships:


Health Internships

The practices are developed in two spaces according to the type of internship. The health sector is one of the most important sectors for the development of a town, it is unfortunate that these problems continue to date, many people in the countryside have to walk for hours to have quality medical care. Since everything is centralized, that is why we know that it is very important to bring medical attention to the most remote communities of the city. Thinking about it, internships take place in two strategic locations.



1.- Community health internships: It is carried out on the outskirts of the city, in an urban-marginal area in a small outpatient hospital
It serves more than 120 people a day.

Activities: Disease prevention workshops, medical monitoring in families in the area, activities in vaccination schools and health and information campaigns are held. You will change every week or day the different specialties of medical office, obstetrics, psychology, nursing, nutrition, dentistry, laboratory in this way you can learn more.


  • Certified students in the field of health such as nursing, obstetrics, medicine, dentistry, nutrition, psychology, biology and others with similar studies.
  • Intermediate / basic level of Spanish (they have the possibility of taking Spanish classes during the internship)
    Minimum duration of the internship 1 month and maximum 6 months.
  • Hours of practice from 8 am to 1:30 pm, each student will be advised by a health professional responsible for monitoring and evaluating it.

2. Practices in the hospital:

This hospital is one of the busiest (around 300 people per day) for people with low incomes because there is a good quality of doctors in different specialties and the cost is accessible. Internship hours are from 8 am to 1:30 pm per day from Monday to Friday. All activities will be accompanied by doctors in different specialties.

Work: Accompaniment to the doctor specialist in the office, develop activities in prevention of diseases of the specialty, support of families and guidance, follow-up of the patient’s medical histories among other needs that exist in each specialty. Likewise, participate in medical training activities in different topics of prevention and medical care.


This internship is open to certified medical students How to:

  • General medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Obstetrics, Psychology, Radiology, Rheumatology, Ophthalmology, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Traumatology, Pharmacy and other fields of human medicine.
  • Intermediate / basic level of Spanish (they have the possibility of Spanish classes during the internship)
  • Minimum duration: 1 month, maximum duration 6 months, working hours from 8 am to 1:30 pm.


Accommodation cost: Student house !!

Our student house is located in the city center, with hot shower, a mini bar, study and desk spaces, wifi, a printer, cleaning. Room for two students with private bathroom and breakfast included (Accommodations will be assigned in rooms for girls or boys only)

  • 11 dollars per night per student in double room.
  • $ 15 per night in a personal room.
  • 3 dollars lunch
  • 3 dollars dinner

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